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Spring clean your business

No matter what time of year it is, it’s always worthwhile to consider whether you can ‘spring clean’ your business.

We’ve put together some hints and tricks to help you brush up on some parts of your business, so you can have a productive 2019.


When you set up your business you probably had a plan of how it would progress, who your customers would be and how it would run operationally. As your business has grown or developed over the years, the needs of your customer may have changed; you may have a website and be selling items online as well as offline or you may be launching a new product. Now is a great time to review your business plan, see if it is still relevant and update it where you need to.


Are there any areas for improvement in your business? Have you launched a new product and want to gain insight into how your customers have found it? Producing a satisfaction survey to send them can provide you with some valuable insight, which can help to shape your business plan and retain your customers.

Websites such as SurveyMonkey allow you to easily create a questionnaire with a variety of different question types from multiple choice to star rating, allowing you to gain invaluable insight.


Social media is a brilliant way to engage with your customers and gain exposure for your brand. Have some posts you’ve shared gained you great traction with many likes, shares and comments, while others have fallen flat? Social media sites, for instance Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, provide analytics of how your posts have performed, which could help you to take a more strategic approach.

Does posting at a certain time of day work best for you? Do posts containing photographs receive more likes? Are your infographics being shared the most? Taking the time to look through your social analytics can help you to shape your social media campaigns, so your posts reach your audience and receive the most engagement.


Are your suppliers holding up their end of the deal? Are they reliable or is the courier company you use regularly late when making deliveries to your company? Is your internet connection slow or unpredictable?

Once you’ve pinpointed any problems, either raise them with the supplier and find a way to resolve them or you may want to go elsewhere and find a new company to work with – either way, your supplier list will be clean as a whistle.


Have you ordered in more stock than usual? Are you moving to a new office space? Or have you invested in some new office equipment, such as computers, printers or photocopiers?

Don’t wait until your policies are up for renewal, your insurance needs could change several times throughout the year. Keep in regular contact with your broker, as they will be able to advise you if you need to amend your policies or take out new ones to ensure you are fully covered.

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Pace Ward Financial Solutions Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Pace Ward Financial Solutions Ltd Registered Office - 6 Ridge House, Ridgehouse Drive, Stoke on Trent, ST1 5SJ - Registered in England & Wales Number 4812481