Our experienced team are waiting to answer your questions or guide you through the claims process.

If you have a policy with Pace Ward Limited you can rest assured in the knowledge that every claim is dealt with by us, so we can control all aspects from initial report through to settlement.

Your claim will be dealt with by a member of our team, who will ensure that your claim is handled quickly and fairly. We will provide proactive updates on the progress of your claim and keep you informed every step of the way.

Our client testimonials speak for themselves:

"I have been a customer of Pace Ward with a Family Fleet policy for a number of years now, perhaps close to 10 years if not more. I have had to call on your services to claim only twice, first time for non-fault back in late 2011, more recently last week with a fault claim where my wife was unfortunately to blame.

Apart from the consistent customer care from the likes of Dan and Al over the years which has always been nothing short of outstanding, I would like to pass praise to the rock of the claims department, Debbie Plant. On the first occasion back in 2011, she was amazing! Plain and simple, she was fabulous. I don't think she appreciates how good she is, then last week, she did it again!!

I had just disembarked the helicopter after landing offshore Israel where I work, when I received a message to call home. I called my wife and she was in a state of distress and upset at being involved in an accident in her new BMW M2. It is the first car of this sort or value so she was devastated and not sure what to do.

I directed her to call Debbie at open of business as I felt she would assist her and put her on the right path to follow. I was happy with that since I could offer limited support from offshore Israel.

As the day progressed, I could have given Debbie (and the team involved in the background) a medal myself.I don't like to find my wife upset, but within 12 hours, Debbie had the quote arranged from the body repair shop I wanted to use and where the car went to, the report sent off to Markerstudy and biggest of all for me is she had assured my wife beyond any expectation I had that there was nothing to worry about and she could relax.

Just one week later the repairs have been authorised and Debbie has let us know.

I know I waffle on, but I really felt compelled to pass my heartfelt thanks to Jeremy in the hope that he will cascade my sentiments throughout the team, and that although they cannot be seen, their efforts are absolutely appreciated and do not go unrecognised.

Sincerest thanks to you all.....this is one of the drivers that bond me to Pace Ward each year I need to insure my small fleet of cherished vehicles."

If you need to report a new claim, please call us on 01782 286311.
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