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Our experienced team are waiting to answer all your questions and provide you with insurance quotations on all your prized possessions, Businesses, Homes and Vehicles

Pace Ward have been providing insurance solutions for over 35 years. We operate from our offices in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire and offer our services to clients all over the country.

Our experienced team of consultants aim to provide excellent customer service and solutions to meet our clients exact needs.

We offer a full range of business & commercial insurance, from small businesses through to large scale national companies, we can find the right cover for you.

We also specialise in high net worth home & motor insurance, from a single high performance car to a multi-million pound private collection, along with a range of home insurance catering for non-standard constructions, listed properties and high-value homes.
Many people often ask, ‘why shouldn’t I go to an insurer direct?’. Here we’ll discuss the reasons why using an Insurance Broker is beneficial for you.

What is an Insurance Broker? An Insurance broker is a professional firm regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) whose prime purpose is to help customers find suitable cost-effective insurance protection.

Access to greater markets – Firstly, the majority of the 900+ commercial insurance companies active in the UK will not deal directly with businesses. They will only accept enquiries presented to them through an Insurance Broker. Why is this? The broker is the insurance company's main route to market. Insurance companies can save money from having to implement marketing campaigns and administration costs associated with entering certain insurance markets. As a result, they create a relationship with the broker and the broker provides them the customers. Brokers, insurance companies and underwriters speak the same language in relation to insurance. This makes it easier for the company to speak to the broker rather than the business itself. Consequently, brokers gain access to insurance companies you would not have access to on your own.

Brokers can help you understand your insurance better – The terminology and language surrounding insurance is not always easy to understand. Brokers do not expect you to be an insurance expert, they will thoroughly explain every technical term you need to know. Not everyone knows the ins and outs of insurance and as brokers, so we’ll be the expert for you.

Advice – At Pace Ward, we do not turn away calls. Our team have gained a great knowledge in the insurance industry, and they use that knowledge to help you. If a client or any person calls up, we will provide advice regarding the situation you are involved in.

Claims Support – Claims can take time to handle, and we understand not everyone has that time. Often when you report a claim direct to an insurance company, you might be on the phone for hours. However, with an insurance broker this does not happen. Insurance brokers help save your time by helping you prepare your claim. We will provide total support throughout this period.

Sense of Security – Insurance brokers, including Pace Ward, are all regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which is financial regulatory body which governs insurance brokers like ourselves. Every six months to a year, FCA undergo an audit and we send over certain documents to make sure everything is in check. This means you can be confident that you are dealing with a professional business when talking to an insurance broker.

Insurance brokers will go the extra mile for you – When dealing directly with an insurance company, they will often turn you away if you have previous problems such as claims, however an insurance broker will not. Pace Ward are flexible and will always look to solve problems for you. Previous problems do not bother us as we will talk to insurance companies and try our best to get the cover you need. It’s also difficult to arrange bespoke cover for high value or collectable items, but brokers are likely to have insurer relationships in place to obtain a personalised quote.

Dealing with a human being – Normally, if you try to get insurance directly you have to fill out a few forms online, send it to the insurer and wait until the computer provides you a quote. This is not the case with an insurance broker. Our highly qualified team, at Pace Ward, will answer your calls and we do not make you fill out a long form before we pick up the phone. You can directly ask us any questions and tell us your problems before we try to find the right solution for you.

We build relationships – As mentioned previously, Pace Ward have a highly qualified team on the phone who look to provide a solution while also building rapport and relationship with you. Our team love to get to know their clients, so you feel comfortable in asking whatever you want. As a result, once renewal time comes our team already knows what they’re dealing with and can make the process as smooth as possible.

We understand your needs – In order to build relationships, we first need to gain trust and understand what you need. At Pace Ward, for our commercial clients we can visit your premises, carry out reviews and analyse your circumstances. We have face to face meetings alongside phone calls to further understand the needs and wants before making a recommendation on insurance.

You won’t always be paying more! - Using a broker doesn’t cost more than going direct to the insurer. Brokers, including Pace Ward, are paid a commission by the insurance provider for selling their products. This means our fee does not come from the customer giving extra money, therefore you shouldn’t need to pay an additional fee on top of your premium.

We can offer cover for the following:

Business Insurance
From small businesses through to large scale national companies, we can find the right cover for you.
Home Insurance
Household policies from standard scheme rated home insurance to tailored High Net Worth portfolios.
Car Insurance
Our specialist prestige & performance insurance policies are specially tailored to meet the needs of the performance car enthusiast.

“Straight talking. Fair price. Just felt honest
and really happy with the service.”

Kieran B

“They have saved my company thousands
on our yearly insurance renewal.”

Phil S
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