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Buildings & Contents

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Buildings & Contents

Buildings and contents insurance is a combined insurance product that will cover or replace any damage that may occur to the homeor its contents, including losses.

It is possible to have seperate buildings & contents cover, but most policies will combine the two together.

Buildings Insurance 
This covers your house in case of a disaster where your house is so badly damaged that it needs to rebuilt. The event which caused the damage must have been outside of your control, for example a storm or flood damage, a fire, water leak/burst pipes and subsidence. Mortgage providers will insist that have buildings cover, as it means they are able to recover their losses should such an event occur.

A typical buildings insurance policy will include cover for:

  • Buildings sum insured (varies depending on policy)
  • Accidental damage (optional)
  • Alternative accomodation
  • Replacement keys & locks
  • Trace and access
  • Legal Expenses cover

Contents Insurance
This covers all the items in your house which are not fixed within the property, for example furniture, jewellery, appliances and clothes. Most contents policies will even cover things like the contents of your fridge and freezer. Contents insurance will cover you in most of the same situations as buildings insurance, but also includes theft. As with buildings insurance, any of these events must have been beyond your control.

A typical contents insurance policy will include cover for:

  • Contents sum insured (varies depending on policy)
  • Accidental damage (optional)
  • Personal possesions (optional)
  • Money
  • Credit Cards
  • Contents in outbuildings
  • Contents in garden
  • Frozen food
  • Digital assets
  • Documennts
  • Legal Expenses cover

How much contents insurance do I need?
The amount of contents insurance you’re likely to need will depend on the amount you’d need back to replace the item. The 'sum insured' is the maximum amount your contents insurance policy will pay out if your item is totally destroyed.

When you’re deciding on how much contents insurance you’ll need you might want to walk through each of your rooms and make an inventory of each of your belongings. Remember contents insurance covers things in your shed and your loft or garage too – so don’t forget to include those as well. 

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