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Is now the right time to buy a car?

The coronavirus outbreak has disrupted many of our lives and has proved to be a challenging time. But we all know that people will always be looking to buying and selling cars, we'll discuss whether it is the right time or not to purchase a car 

 Is it safe to buy a car right now?

Firstly, the most important question is whether it is safe to buy a used car which people have touched.The trusted dealers on car shopping sites will ensure that all their stock – new and used cars – will undergo a thorough cleaning process as they will have the resource and staff to do this properly. This might not be the case if you’re buying a used car from a private seller which is where you have to be more careful.

Can I get my car delivered to me?

Many car dealerships are now shut as a result car retailers will try to do everything they can to help the customer and this car retailers are still willing to do everything they can to help you and this includes delivering cars. Paperwork can also be signed electronically in many cases, too, so there is no need to breach social distancing rules. Some are advertising that they will ensure the car is sanitised prior to the keys being handed over – an extra precaution that you could insist on. Furthermore, car retailers can offer video tours of cars you may be interested in so even though the full face to face experience isn't there retailers will try to do other things to make sure you are satisfied. 

Can I part exchange my car?

It is hard for retailers to value your car in a part exchange in this crisis where they will not be able to view it and therefore the value of your car might be affected. However, in a private sale it may be easier to part exchange your car. The rules around private sales are less clear, because it is possible to sell a car without breaking the rules of social isolation as you can have meetings with no more than two people and stand an appropriate distance apart. Before any meeting, it is advisable to discuss and agree upon a process you should take while wiping down all commonly toched surfaces. But this will be considerably more risky.

Car factories are closed. Will my new car arrive on time?

Almost all car factories have been shut down to limit the spread of coronavirus, and this will undoubtedly mean that there are longer waiting times on factory order cars. However, many car companies also hold a large stock of cars and find out where the cars are located and transport them to you. 

Should I buy a car during this crisis?

If everything is conducted safely and precautions are carried out during the sale of the car, it may be a good time to buy. There are signs that many car retailers are ready to do great deals if you are ready to buy a car. Demand is currently extremely low and many still have a large amount of stock that they are keen to sell. If you’re planning on paying for your new car monthly (using HP or PCP finance deals), the amount you pay is affected by interest rates. This is extremely low at the moment, so you may find some dealerships are offering slightly cheaper deals on new cars as a result. 

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Other useful tips

During this pandemic, you may be working from home and using you car a lot less than before. Here are a few suggestions that might help your manage your car during this time.

Batteries and charging

Without being used regularly, car batteries can lose charge.  This may mean they don’t have enough power to start the engine. The best advice is to rely on your essential journeys to keep your battery healthy or take your car out for a drive for 15 – 20 minutes each week.  In most cases, this will be sufficient to top up the battery charge.

Tyres and brakes

Check the pressure on each of your tyres before you drive.  It’s possible that tyres could have gone down if the car hasn’t been used.

If your car has been left in wet or damp conditions, the brakes maybe a little noisy when first used.  This is normal, gently apply the brakes when driving and this should help to clear up the issue.


If you’re not planning on driving your car for a prolonged period of time, it’s worth filling up your tank to reduce the likelihood of condensation building up.  Condensation inside the tank may result in water being added into the mix.  

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