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Top ten of the scariest looking cars!

With it being Halloween today, we thought we’d provide a list of the top ten scariest looking cars – some of these will provide you sleepless nights!


The Phantom Corsair is a prototype automobile built in 1938 which is a six-passenger 2-door sedan designed by Rust Heinz. This car makes our list because of its futuristic design, resembling the shape of the Batmobile, the sleek black exterior along with the pointed front of the car makes it strike fear into anyone who lays eyes on this car. 

phantom corsair 9402801968phantom corsair 07


The limited edition, Lamborghini Veneno was manufactured in 2013. So rare that only five were built, with Veneno translating to Venom you can understand the name of this car. A menacing mean designed car which you wouldn’t want to see driving around the streets on Halloween. 

lambovenenolamborghini veneno 33


The Maybach Exelero was a one-off high-performance sports car made by Stola (now part of Blutec) in collaboration with Daimler Chrysler. It was unveiled at the Tempodrom in Berlin in 2005. This is a prestige car with an intimidating look, with it’s large grills and headlights at the front this is a vehicle that makes every other car look weak in comparison. A truly chilling looking car which has now become a classic. 

maybach exeleromaybach exelero1


Debuting in 2004, the Cadillac CTS-V has a sinister look about it mainly due to the design of the front end of the car. It’s pointed headlights gives the saloon car a stealth look, something that could spook you if you saw it in your rear-view

cadillac cts v american assaultcadillac


The Zenvo ST1 is a high-performance sports car manufactured by Danish company Zenvo Automotive. It is the company's first model and is manufactured almost entirely by the hands of a small team of workers. The Zenvo ST1 looks like most supercars but what makes it go from normal super-car to something that is frightening is its angry design of the headlights which makes the car look mean and fierce. If I saw this driving around at night, it would certainly give me the creeps.

zenvo st1 13zenvo


The Ford F-150 Raptor looks like a beast and drives like one too. This is an off-road monster which can take you through any terrain you want on your adventures. It’s muscular body and wide build makes it look very fearsome on the road – not something you’d like to see behind you on Halloween night.



Manufactured by Honda, Acura’s signature supercar is freighting as well as being powerful. It’s low front with wide headlights give it an evil exterior that would be chilling to look at. A very fast car with 550bhp, this car is scary in more than one way.



The Dodge Challenger is one of the angrier looking vehicles on this list. It’s beaming headlights and wide grill is what makes it look fearful for any other driver or bystander on the road.

dodge challengerdodge challenger 01


An all time classic, the black Rolls Royce Phantom was always going to make the list. The word ‘Phantom’ itself gives you the chills! We’ve picked the 1935 Jonckheere, a car made for the prestige, but you wouldn’t be surprised to see Dracula get out of. Designed with large grills and big striking shiny silver wheels, this isn’t a car to be messed with.

rolls royce phantom i jonckheere coupe 21778rollsroycephantom

 1968 FERRARI 612 CAN AM 

Another blast from the past. This is an Italian racing car icon but it’s something which wouldn’t look out of place in a horror movie. It has a unique shape which is what makes it terrifying to look at. This is different to anything you’d ever seen on the road, the wedged shape with no headlights makes it futuristic even though this is a car from the 60s.

ferrari 612canam1

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