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Escape of water - Not just for winter!

Escape of water is a big issue for home owners and with insurers paying out £1.8m for it every day, the team at Home & Legacy look at what you can do to prevent escape of water in your home. 

Just like a dog isn’t just for Christmas, escape of water isn’t just a winter issue. Can pipes burst due to freezing conditions? Absolutely, but they aren’t the only cause of water leaks in your home – failure of pipes and leaky appliances are more likely to be the source of the problem.

Many people are now choosing to go on holiday out of the busy summer season, but did you know escape of water is made worse by unoccupancy? This makes it a year-round problem.


A homeowner, who had a policy with Home & Legacy, returned from a three week holiday to the sound of hissing coming from their downstairs toilet. When they opened the door, they discovered water on the tiles. What had happened was a copper pipe supplying the downstairs toilet had corroded, causing the leak.

The initial assessment determined that damage rectification would be straightforward because the house was not completely flooded. Therefore, work on stripping out and drying the downstairs bathroom began, however it soon became apparent that the problem had extended far beyond the toilet.

Despite first appearances, due to the water escaping over such a prolonged period of time, it had run under the flooring in the hallway and the living room, even into the kitchen, damaging the floor throughout. In addition, the plaster on the walls had blown and the shells of the kitchen cabinets were also ruined.

The family house had recently been redecorated and the homeowners now faced extensive disruption, with replacement flooring, plastering and further redecoration required in the entire downstairs of their house, as well as a replacement kitchen.


  1. Know where your stopcock is.
    If water starts to leak, turn the stopcock off straight away, as it can help to reduce the level of repair work needed.

  2. When you go away, don’t forget to switch the water supply off.
    By simply turning the stopcock off before you go on holiday it will limit the amount of water able to leak out.

  3. Don’t DIY.
    Always get a professional to install any new appliances that need to be plumbed in.

  4. Think about what you’re putting down the drain.
    Fats and oils from cooking, pet hair and coffee grounds can all clog up your pipes.

  5. Make sure everything is in working order.
    Regularly check your pipes, as well as taps, toilets, sinks, baths and showers, ensuring there are no loose pipes, leaks or drips.

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